Surf’s Up

《Surf’s Up》
音楽:Beach Boys
初演:2019年7月@SCOOL ダンス作戦会議「課題曲と自由曲」において





©︎Kaneko Manaho

《Surf’s Up》
Music:Beach Boys
Choreography:Megumi Kamimura
Premier:July,2019 @SCOOL As a part of “Compulsory and Free Program” by Dance Strategy Meeting

This short piece is choreographed with the questions about the relationship between dancing to music and expressing something through body. When a dancer dances to express certain images or feelings, the audience perceives the amorphous images or feelings through the dancer’s movements.
If a dancer has a certain image by listening to a music although s/he doesn’t dance or move to express that inner experience, is it still possible for the audience to perceive something through the motionless body?
In this piece, a dancer stays fixed on the floor on hands and knees to sing a song with understanding and empathy with the each word in lyrics.


Learn the lyrics, and practice singing.
Try to understand each phrase clearly.(In ambiguous parts, absorb plural meanings.)

In the center stage, stand on four limbs to firmly fix body and the line of sight.
As the music starts to be played, start singing.
-Sing with clear images of the words in lyrics, while paying attention to each body part(from top of head to toe).
-Keep body motionless not to move the trunk or neck despite its involvement in the action of singing. Stay focused on a certain point on the floor.
-Listen both to your own voice and to the voice of the original song being played. Let the audience listen to the both songs.
-Stay relaxed while singing out in such an unnatural condition.
As the music ends, stand up and leave.