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Megumi Kamimura

Megumi Kamimura
photo by
Yoichi Tsukada

Dancer / Choreographer

Megumi started ballet training in childhood.
In 2000 graduated from International Christian University in Tokyo.
From 2000-2011, she studied in Rotterdam Dance Academy.
In 2004, started creating solo pieces and has been performing in various places including Indonesia, Italy and Korea.
In 2006, launched her own company.
In 2010 started a performance project "Zen-go" with visual artist, Shinichi Takashima.
In June 2012, joining the residency program "Rules&Regs" stayed in Brighton, UK and presented a solo piece.
In Sep. 2012, performed a company piece at National Modern Art Museum Tokyo.

Her major works are "Placement and Forest","Enclave", and "Diagonally".
She has been investigating methodology to generate "dance" at the crossing point where bodies in different dimensions meet; body as material, body as an actor to feel something, and body as a tool to indicate other things.
Her methodological approach in creation and the raw physicality exposed in it have a strong presence.

Major activities

Aug 2006, performed the solo piece "Uro" in collaboration with musician Go Taneda.
Feb 2007, performed in Geneva and Milan in the performance by project suara(sound art unit by Go Taneda and Junko Satoh)
Sep 2007, performed the solo piece "Diagonally" in "Japan-Korea Dance Contact" in Seoul and Tokyo.
April 2008, joined the second stage of Toyota Choreography Award 2008
Oct 2008, performed "Diagonally" in Indonesia Dance Festival in Jakarta.
Feb 2009, choreographed in the opera production "Le Grand Macable" by Tokyo Chember Opera Theater, which gained favorable reactions.
July 2010, The finalist of Toyota Choreography Award 2010.
Nov 2010, joined "Sacred City Project" by Reality Research Center in Helsinki, to produce and perform site-specific performance in collaboration with other Finnish/Japanese artists.
Jan~Feb 2010, joined "Aomori Project" by British choreographer Sioned Huws. Performed in Aomori and Yokohama after the residency in Aomori Contemporary Art Center.
July 2010, presented a company piece in the final screening of Toyota Choreography Award 2010.
Sept 2010, started solo series "Visitors", which aims at converting her own movements into a form of instructions.
Nov. 2010, participated in "Sacred City Project" by Reality Research Center in Helsinki to create and perform interactive performances in Helsinki and Yokohama.
Dec. 2010~ Feb. 2011, residency and performance at Aomori Contemporary Art Center ("Aomori Project" by Sioned Huws).
Oct. 2011, joined a performance project by Belgian/Japanese artists "Borrowed Landscape-Yokohama".
Nov. 2011, choreographed in the opera production " Grief of Euridice" by Ensemble Genesis.
Jun. 2012, residency for one month in Brighton, England, as a part of "Rules & Regs" to create and perform a solo piece at Nightingale Theatre.
Aug. 2012, joined "Borrowed Landscape-Yokohama #2".
Sept. 2012, gave a performance in the form of exhibition "Grip" at Art Center Ongoing(Kichijoji, Tokyo) as unit "Zen-go".
Oct. 2012, performed "se-escape, er-reaction" as Zen-go at BlanClass (Yokohama).
Nov.2012, exhibited an installation work as a part of "Room of Wonder" project by Gustavo Chiliaco at Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama.

Company Profile

Sept 2006, launched Kamimura Megumi Company.
Nov. 2006, gave work-in-progress performances at Morishita Studio(Tokyo).
Feb. 2007, presented the first company work "Mountains" at Komaba Agora Theater (Tokyo).
Aug. 2007, performed "Beam" at Theater Babylon (Tokyo).
Feb. 2008, presented "Lower Depths" at BankART1929 Yokohama.
Dec. 2008, presented "Placement and Forest" in collaboration with artist Go Ideta at ST Spot (Yokohama).
Aug. 2009, performed a short piece with workshop participants at the inner garden of Forest Hall Hashimoto (Hashimoto, Kanagawa).
Dec. 2009, performed the recreation of "Placement and Forest" at Super Deluxe (Tokyo).
Jul 2010, presented "Placement and Forest" in the final screening of Toyota Choreography Award 2010 at Setagaya Public Theater.
Nov. 2010, presented "Enclave" at Theater Green as a part of fringe projects of Festival/Tokyo.
Sept. 2012, presented "Deposited Figures" at Museum of Modern Art Tokyo in the series of "14 Evenings".