UENOYES寄席―「笑うしかない状況」について― / “UENOYES YOSE – About the situation that we can only laugh.-“


日時:2019年2月25日(月) 入場11:45 開演12:00

時間:前半 12:00~14:00/後半 14:10~16:30
12:00 磯崎未菜(美術家)
12:25 田中偉一郎(美術家)
12:50 三遊亭遊子(落語家)
13:15 村田峰紀(美術家)
13:35 意見交換会 
    ゲスト:宮信明 早稲田大学演劇博物館 講師
14:00 仲入り
14:10 三野新(写真家・舞台作家)
14:35 神村恵(振付家・ダンサー)
15:00 江戸家まねき猫(動物ものまね)
15:25 小林・山形(美術家)
15:50 意見交換会
16:30 終了




UENOYES Vaudeville – All you do is laugh.
Open Rehearsal/Discussion

In the “UENOYES YOSE” by Kohei Kobayashi, an artist, we held an open rehearsal / discussion meeting entitled “UENOUES YOSE -About the situation that we can only laugh-” in 2018.
The gathering place called “YOSE” secures the diversity of society by bringing people together to laugh on the subject matter of the emotions of people spilling out of the social system and events likely to destroy the social order.
This project creates an opportunity for a diverse group of people to gather together with artists (who specializes in being skeptical of his or her daily order) and RAKUGO artists & performers with the regular guests of Oedo Ueno Hirokoji-tei who are laughter veterans.
In addition, we aim to create a new “YOSE” that people with disabilities and people with different cultural backgrounds can enjoy together.

Date&Time:Feb.25.2019 (mon) open11:45 start12:00
Venue:Oedo Hirokouji-tei(Taito-ward Ueno1-20-10 Ueno Nagatani Bld.)
Free entrance

Time table: First half 12:00~14:00 / Second 14:10~16:30
12:00 Mina Isozaki(Artist)
12:25 Iichiro Tanaka(Artist)
12:50 Sanyutei Yuko(Rakugo storyteller)
13:15 Mineki Murata(Artist)
13:35 Open Discussion 
    Guest:Nobuaki Miya (Waseda Univ.)
14:00 Intermission
14:10 Arata Mino(Photographer/Theater artist)
14:35 Megumi Kamimura(Choreographer/Dancer)
15:00 Edoya Manekineko(Animal mimicry)
15:25 Kohei Kobayashi+Ikuhiro Yamagata(Artist)
15:50 Open Discussion
16:30 End

Inquiry: Implementation Committee for New Concept “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture”
Organized by: Implementation Committee for New Concept “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture”; Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)